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Endorsement from George Takei "This is Aiden Aizumi. He and his mother, Marsha, gave a lecture at the Japanese Amer. Nat'l Museum this weekend. Marsha shared her journey from fear and uncertainty to acceptance, support, and unconditional love of Aiden as he reconciled his gender identity. This was an especially uncommon and courageous talk because gender identity is rarely discussed in many Asian American communities. I recommend their co-written memoir 'Two Spirits, One Heart.'"

Two Spirits, One Heart is a mother's heartfelt memoir about the painful struggles of her oldest child who was born a female, but lives today as a man. In this story of acceptance and ultimate redemption, Marsha Aizumi chronicles Aiden's journey to live as the man he was meant to be. . . Read More

Electronic Press Kit for Two Spirits, One Heart is available to view here. Learn more about Marsha, Aiden and their journey together.